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Freezer Repair Guelph ON

Your freezer has been on the fritz lately, and you're starting to feel a little inconvenienced by it. You've tried everything from stocking up at the grocery store so that your food doesn't spoil when waiting for another day's worth of groceries in between frozen goods deliveries to freezing water bottles just like those people who live somewhere where there are six months without sunlight do but nothing seems to be working!

Fortunately for your Guelph Appliance Repair can solve your broken freezer needs, we have freezer repair experts on staff. Whether it's a dying motor or some freezer coils that need to be replaced, our freezer repair team can come out and get the job done for you so you don't have worry about your frozen food going bad any longer!

One of the most important things to look for when freezer repair is needed are freezer coils. These come in different styles and sizes, but they're usually located on the back or top of your freezer box. If you see that these have started leaking water or ice cubes then it's time to get them replaced as soon as possible! And if you hear rattling coming from inside, this typically means one of those coils has broken off and needs replacing ASAP too.

If any condensation starts collecting near where the freezer coil is at, that likely means there's a leaky seal somewhere which needs addressing immediately before more damage could happen. When we perform freezer repairs we can fix that problem with an O-ring replacement kit so save yourself some money and have a freezer technician come out for freezer repair.

If it's been a while since you've had your freezer serviced, then now is the time to call in someone to perform freezer repairs and maintenance on them before they give up completely! This will help make sure that the seal isn't damaged any more than what it already is from leaking or freezing water over time which can damage your freezer permanently.


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Signs to Get Your Freezer Repaired

Here are some things to look for if your freezer might need a repair:

  • Freezer doesn't make ice cubes or the ice cube tray has been in there too long and freezer isn't cold enough. The freezer's probably on its way out if it can't produce new, frozen ice cubes when you ask it to! You may need a new freezer coil assembly soon. This will require an authorized service person from your manufacturer of choice who will come install the coils at no charge under warranty as required by law (talk with us!)
  • Food seems to be melting inside while outside air temperature is below freezing point - this could mean that you have problems with insulation around condenser coils which should be fixed right away before any more damage is done!
  • Freezer door is hard to open, it takes a lot of effort and may only be opened with the use of both hands - this could mean that you have one or more freezer coils which are clogged. There's usually no need for an authorized service person in these cases as all required parts can easily be replaced by yourself if you know what needs to be done (just talk with us!)
  • Freezer doesn't produce enough cold air when turned on - fridge compressor might need some fixing all right, but sometimes there's just not enough power at home so ask your local electrician about new wiring before getting your freezer coil fixed
  • Freezer is not properly sealed - this can be a symptom of freezer coils that are clogged or just need to be replaced
  • Freezer has an unusual smell or frost buildup on the inside

Keep in mind: if your freezer starts making weird noises, it's because something is wrong and you should get it fixed as soon as possible!

You don't want all your food to go bad. The sooner we find out what needs fixing, the better for you and us. Contact our team today so that together with you we can make sure your freezer keeps its cold air circulating smoothly. We know how important appliances like these ones are for everybody who wants their meals fresh

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Gas Freezer

Gas freezers are typically more expensive to purchase, but they are also much more energy efficient. This means that the average lifespan of a gas freezer is about ten years longer than an electric one. They operate by using either R290 or R600a refrigerant inside them which is used as fuel for combustion in order to produce cold air.

Common Issues that may occur with Gas Freezers include:

  • The Rate of Ice Formation Increases - If you notice ice starting to form on the back wall and/or around the fan located at the bottom front side of your appliance it's time to call our professional technicians immediately! Your unit needs immediate attention before things worsen throughout its interior components!
  • Temperature Not Properly Regulating - While this can be caused by a number of things, it's imperative you don't attempt to fix this issue on your own as doing so may lead to injuries and even more damage.
  • Frost Buildup - It can be caused by not enough airflow around the unit which is something that needs to be addressed immediately as frost buildup leads into unwanted ice build up over time which will block air flow inside the freezer rendering it useless!
  • Leaking Water From The Door – If water starts leaking from under your appliance we recommend getting a professional service technician out right away before mold sets in or you find yourself dealing with an electrical problem due to faulty wiring underneath where water has leaked onto them. This usually happens because the door isn’t closing properly against its gasket seal!
  • Gasket Failure – If you start noticing frost build up on the outside of your freezer or plastic containers inside begin to get wet and freeze over this is a sign that something has malfunctioned with the gasket. Don’t wait around for it to get worse either because once enough ice builds up eventually there will be an electrical problem underneath which could end in another appliance repair bill! We recommend having a professional service technician out right away if you notice these signs so they can replace your faulty seal before too much damage occurs.
  • Noisy Unit - If you find yourself dealing with an noisy unit when running, smoke coming from the vents, radiators becoming hot after being cold all, vibrating loudly when running or you hear a popping noise it could be because the fan is broken.
  • Leaking - if your freezer unit starts to leak water underneat, condensation on the outside of the door or frost build up there are many causes for this ranging from issues with plumbing in your home to something more serious like an issue with one part of the cooling system which will need appliance repair services.
  • Faulty Compressor - If your compressor isn’t turning off when it should or it’s not starting at all then don’t wait around! This means that either there is a problem inside and parts have failed already or insulation has gone bad making things too hot without running properly. Once any type of insulation goes bad you’ll need to get in touch with appliance repair services;
  • Faulty Thermostat - If the thermostats are faulty or not working properly then you can expect your freezer will either run hot causing frost buildup, melting ice cream and other frozen treats.
  • The Fan Isn't Working - When there is no airflow through the compressor it overheats quickly which leads to all of these issues I mentioned above. It also could be that ice has built up on the fan itself but this would mean that insulation has gone bad too so don’t put off calling for professional help! At Appliance Repair Guelph we aim to provide our clients with high quality appliance repair services at affordable rates. Our team provides same day and emergency refrigerator and freezer repair services.
  • The Compressor Isn't Running - This is another common issue we see in freezers with no airflow through the compressor, this one comes from a few different things but mainly it’s because there is dust or dirt on the internal components that need to be cleaned off before you can get your machine running again at its best.

Things are a little different with gas freezers because you have an electronic ignition system that is built right into the machine. For this reason, when something goes wrong with your thermostat or single board control unit – which controls all of the functions on your fridge – we will need to do a complete diagnosis and repair service in order to determine exactly what needs replacing.

At Appliance Repair Guelph our technicians are fully equipped for all types of appliance repairs including refrigerators and freezers. We're trusted by both residential and commercial clients throughout the area so call us today for more information about what we offer. From dishwashers to washer & dryers, ice makers, ovens, stoves, washers, dryers and more we have got you covered! Call today!

Electric Freezer

Electric freezers differ from gas freezers in that they do not use a gas burner. Instead, they work by using electricity to power the machine’s compressor and condenser coils.

While these freezers are less expensive than their gas-powered counterparts, they tend to run more frequently because of this electrical requirement. If you have an electric freezer that isn't running at all or is running intermittently but won't stay on for very long, there's likely an issue with your unit's thermostat or control board. This can cause it to freeze up and shut off until things return back to normal temperature again in the refrigerator compartment.

Internally, electric will have a thermostat, which is what controls the temperature inside of your freezer. When it’s broken or malfunctioning, you aren’t going to be able to control how cold it gets and this can cause all sorts of problems from increased energy usage because the machine has to work harder at keeping things frozen as well as causing frost build up that will eventually lead to ice buildup on the walls.

As such, electric freezer repairs are a bit more complicated as they require electrical testing as well as diagnostic work to make sure that there isn’t an issue with the control board but if you happen to live anywhere near Guelph Ontario, Appliance Repair Guelph has got your back. We only hire technicians who have been extensively trained and certified by all major manufacturers so we know our stuff when it comes down to any appliance - even ones like electric freezers which aren’t something most people will be dealing with on a day-to-day basis. If you need freezer repair, call Guelph Appliance Repair today!

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