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Do you need a stove repair service in Guelph?

We are the best appliance repair company in Guelph. Our technicians will come to your home and fix your stove for an affordable price. You don’t have to worry about paying too much or getting ripped off by other companies. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service!

You can trust our team to be on time, courteous, and professional every step of the way. And we'll always give you an upfront quote before starting any work – no surprises or hidden fees! So don't wait another day - contact us now for fast service.

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Hearing the sound of your oven sputtering and burning inside is a terrible experience, especially when you're trying to cook dinner for guests. You can’t keep cooking food in there with it broken because smoke will escape through the cracks around the door if you do so! If this happens while cooking on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve then all that work might go up in flames- literally--in no time at all. That's why many homeowners need stove repair service quickly before they have another disaster on their hands during mealtime rush hours!

The best way to avoid an emergency situation is by getting professional help from seasoned professionals who know how important repairing appliances are and how important they are to the life of your home.

Especially when it comes to cooking for family and friends around a beautiful table! We want them all to have a good time, not leave with indigestion from burnt food or an unexpected fire in their belly because you couldn't manage just one more thing on top of everything else that needs doing during this hectic season. Don’t let yourself get stressed out over another unforeseen problem- call us today at so we can help before it's too late!


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Signs to Get Your Stove Repaired

  • Gas stove ignites but there is no flame
  • Cooktop grates are rusted or warped
  • If the stove burners aren't working properly, there might be a problem with your gas line.
  • Does your oven have a temperature gauge installed? If not, then you should contact us as soon as possible.
  • A faulty oven temperature reading could mean that coolant is leaking from an inner component.
  • The most common reason for needing to replace your stove altogether is when something breaks on it which cannot be fixed. For example: if you accidentally broke the glass top or forgot to turn off the oven before pushing self clean and now half of it won't work anymore then you would need new one.
  • There is a gas smell coming from the stove
  • The oven indicator light blinks or stays on for an extended time
  • Coal stove has no flame
  • Oven doesn't heat up, bake, broil or roast properly
  • Gas grill won’t start or burns food unevenly
  • Electric cooktop burner turns off when touched; can’t set temperature correctly
  • Faulty pilot lights and ignition systems

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your appliance it may be wise to call our local service right away. This will ensure that all safety precautions have been taken as well as saving you money in potential medical bills should there be an accident at home because one of those issues went unaddressed.

With our years of experience, we can quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote for repair or replacement or even give advice on how to best fix it yourself.

We also offer maintenance plans that will help keep your stove in good condition so when these minor issues come up they are quick and easy fixes.

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Electrical Stove Repair

Electrical stoves are fairly simple & consist of little more than the actual stove top itself, the electrical cord that plugs into your home and then a couple small components within the oven cavity which include an electric heating element or even elements as well as some wiring.

These are not nearly as complex to repair compared to gas stoves but do require special care when disassembling them in order for our technicians to be able replace parts quickly without damaging any surrounding areas so they don't rust.

When the electric coil on an oven does not get hot, it can be a sign of one or more faulty coils that need to be replaced. Replacing these coils may require removing and replacing other parts in order for you to have full access to them. If your heating elements are completely burned out then replacement will be required as well - both tasks should only ever be completed by a professional appliance repair technician due to safety concerns.

Gas Stove Repair

A gas stove is a little more complicated to repair but only because the top portion of the oven itself has been removed and then laid flat on its back. The burners are connected via small metal tubes, which run from under where the grate sits all the way down into the bottom part of each burner tube.

The extra components & parts makes it much more difficult for anyone who isn't familiar with working on gas appliances, so our technicians have undergone extensive training before being approved for these types of repairs. In order for our technicians to be able take these apart without spilling any fuel out onto your floors they need to use proper techniques so as best avoid this issue.

Common issues we have seen arise from faulty ignitors, broken burner valves , cracked heat exchangers just to name a few examples.   If this sounds like your problem be sure to call us right away so we can help get it fixed asap.

A very common problem we see here at Appliance Repair Guelph that's easily taken care of by having the necessary tools & replacement parts ready when you book your appointment with us is when oven burners stop functioning properly or when igniters start failing and don't spark correctly anymore causing them not to turn on when attempting to use any given burner. When this happens its usually due to some faulty wiring within the unit that has to be repaired, and for this type of issue we always carry the necessary replacement parts in our trucks.

In older model ovens it's likely we'll find corrosion issues once we're inside that will require some extra time & special parts in order for us properly complete your repairs. If there is anything major like that found be sure to ask us about our free estimates.

In many cases we can make a gas stove work again, but if the problem is an electrical issue with your oven or needs extensive repairs, it's best to replace them. Ovens are one of those appliances that get used every day and over time they wear out requiring more & more maintenance until finally certain parts just completely give up causing you problems even when trying to turn them on. And in some cases folks go years without issues only to have several critical part failures all at once leaving their stove useless unless properly repaired by us. In this case its often better to invest in a new unit because repairing these stoves will eventually cost nearly as much as replacing them altogether after being burnt from so many repairs rendering no use for any given repair.

For all your Guelph oven repair, stove repair, gas stove repairs and electric stoves services call today!

Stove Flue Maintenance

Gas stoves require regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and safely. The interior flues should be brushed with a wire brush every few months to remove any built-up deposits from grease, combustion materials or other substances. These can cause very dangerous carbon monoxide leaks if left unchecked over time so it’s important for you to take steps in keeping your gas appliances maintained on a regular basis - especially during fall/winter seasons when the stove is used more often.

Guelph Appliance Repair for Stove Repair Services

Here in Guelph we will help with any stove problems that may arise. From gas line repairs to installing an oven thermometer, if it has anything to do with stoves, we can fix it! We offer fast and reliable service 24 hours a day 365 days of the year so there's no need to worry about whether or not someone will show up when they say they'll be here because our professional staff is dedicated in providing excellent customer service. The best part about all this is that the prices that we offer are all-inclusive so there will be no hidden costs when the job is finished.

If you’ve been noticing that your stove isn’t working as well it should, then maybe it is time for a repair. We are the experts in stove repairs and can help get your kitchen back to cooking like new again! Our experienced technicians will be able to diagnose what may have gone wrong with your appliance and make any necessary fixes so that everything works properly once more. Whether you need us out on an emergency call or if we just want to come by for routine maintenance, our team of professionals would love nothing better than to serve you today!

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Our technicians know all about stove repairs, are well aware of the many different makes and models available on today's market so you can rest assured that they will be able to get your oven back up and running with little effort. This is especially important if its an older model as often times other repair companies try to talk customers into purchasing a brand new model all together when what they really need is just some minor part replacement or electrical rewiring done for their own safety while saving them money by doing it themselves at home.

We have everything here needed for any type of oven repair including gas stoves, electric stoves, glass stove tops both smooth top & coil element styles. We also are familiar with how issues like can arise from faulty wiring due to loose neutral connections, improper installation of new ovens by individuals not familiar with electricity and how it works , electrical lines being placed to close together which overheats the connectors causing a premature failure.

We here at Appliance Repair Guelph in fact have been doing this for many years now and can address any issues that may arise from either an older model oven or even a brand spanking new one! We service both gas stoves & electric stoves. Contact us today.

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